The 7th anniversary of my Independence Day

Photo credit to Nasa; Code by Author
  • Touch down on the landing pad vs Move away from the landing pad
  • Land with a low velocity vs Crash at a high velocity
  • Use as little fuel as possible vs Use lots of fuel
  • Approach the target as fast as possible vs Hang in the air

Reward Function in Reinforcement Learning

image by author
  • Standardized dataset or not
  • Linear models have different opinions
  • Curse of highly correlated features
  • Stability check with cross-validation

An easy way to create interactive geographical scatter plots

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Which Tim Hortons is the one Santa Claus usually visits?

Import libraries:

Fuzzycouple: A solution for fuzzy match using tf-idf and cosine similarity

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Why we need fuzzy string match and what are the use cases?

  • The Queen’s Gambit vs Netflix The Queen’s Gambit (miniseries)
  • Toronto Raptors vs Raptors
  • Los Angeles Lakers vs Lakers
  • vs helloworld@gmail.con
  • Tesla, Inc. vs TSLA

An experiment of GPT-3 in Generating Content

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Alina Zhang

Data Scientist: Keep it simple.

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