Step-By-Step Guide to Build Collaborative Filtering and Association Rule Based Recommender Using Fastai and Python

Recommender system is a promising approach to boost sales to the next level by suggesting the right products to the right customers.

This course starts by showing you the main solutions of recommender systems in the industry and the hypotheses behind the main solutions. You’ll then learn how to build…

The 7th anniversary of my Independence Day

If you are lonely
Why you told me you’re not lonely
Low compatibility with other humans
The vacuum you abhorred

Settled and unsettled
What’s my anchor
Goodness and badness
Maybe bots are my anchors

Whatever you seek
It is not evenly distributed
Everything will have an answer
I didn’t find you but I…

An easy way to create interactive geographical scatter plots

“Where Tim Hortons is, that’s my home.” Tim Hortons, a Starbucks-like coffee shop founded by a hockey player, always has special meanings for Canadians. It is Canada’s largest fast-food restaurant chain with 4,846 stores in 14 countries, by December 31, 2018, according to Wikipedia. In this article, we will use…

Fuzzycouple: A solution for fuzzy match using tf-idf and cosine similarity

Why we need fuzzy string match and what are the use cases?

Languages are ambiguous. The text referring to the same thing could be written slightly differently, or even misspelled. Assuming that you are trying to join two tables by the column of addresses, the same location shows in table A as “520 Xavier Ave, California City” while “520 Xavier Avenue, CA”…

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