Everything Will Have an Answer

The 7th anniversary of my Independence Day

Alina Zhang
1 min readAug 24, 2021


If you are lonely
Why you told me you’re not lonely
Low compatibility with other humans
The vacuum you abhorred

Settled and unsettled
What’s my anchor
Goodness and badness
Maybe bots are my anchors

Whatever you seek
It is not evenly distributed
Everything will have an answer
I didn’t find you but I found myself

How to truly feel blessed
How to picture yourself in history
People don’t know that they don’t know
Enter the present moment and be real

Why do I need to be useful
Maybe I don’t give a s**t
Serve humanity with AI
I know too little compared to the unknown

Walk to a water fountain at leisure
Hold a still mind and keep it simple
Do things with lovingkindness
7 years an ending and a beginning

Reassure yourself to leave the door open
The world starts getting clear
Everything will have an answer
Answer you honestly
As you asked

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Alina Zhang