• Claudio Tenório

    Claudio Tenório

  • Vishal Khondre

    Vishal Khondre

  • GoSinergya


    Bringing ideas to life and making businesses profitable is the goal of our digital solutions agency. Experts in website and app development and digital strategy

  • Naimesh Patel

    Naimesh Patel

  • Олексій Легедза

    Олексій Легедза

  • Abhi Sivasailam

    Abhi Sivasailam

    Growth/Analytics@Flexport Founder@TwoStatesConsulting. Formerly Growth/Analytics @Keap @Honeybook @Accenture

  • Andreas Hopfgartner

    Andreas Hopfgartner

    Working as Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI and also in the realm of Internet of Things for Microsoft in Germany.

  • Rafael Cano

    Rafael Cano

    Enthusiastic & reader about Data Science, Google Cloud Platform and DevOps.

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