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  • Amit Biwaal

    Amit Biwaal

    I am blogger, writer, marketing analyst, and business minded person. Join me and I would love to feature you here too!

  • Cobus Greyling

    Cobus Greyling

    NLP/NLU, Chatbots, Voice, Conversational UI/UX, CX Designer, Developer, Ubiquitous User Interfaces. www.cobusgreyling.me

  • Ahmad Khodayari

    Ahmad Khodayari

    Staff Data Scientist - Walmart Global Tech

  • Aravind CR

    Aravind CR

    MLE @ Krisopia | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aravind-cr-a10008

  • Moses Sam Paul

    Moses Sam Paul

    Building www.TheThirdPillar.Club. Laying the foundation for a better economy. A de-centralized community economy with the individual’s wellbeing at its core.

  • Simon O'Regan

    Simon O'Regan

    Product, Data, Design. Writing: simonoregan.com Newsletter: deploymentage.substack.com

  • fuat


    Love to Train Deep Neural Networks

  • Alan Trapulionis

    Alan Trapulionis

    In quest of understanding how humans work.

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