Six TED Talks About Death: Grief, Fear, And Hope

Inspiring thoughts about life’s hardest moments

Alina Zhang
10 min readSep 6, 2022
Source: Unsplash

The death of loved ones is one of life’s hardest moments. When it happened, most of us are unprepared. There are six TED talks that inspired me in answering questions about death including:

  • Other than a biological process, can we redefine death from other perspectives?
  • Is it possible that humans can face death with something other than fear?
  • What does it mean about seeing life as being like a book that is bounded by its covers?
  • Is there a timeline for how long grief lasts? Is “move on” a fake goal?
  • How do you interpret the “denial”? Could it have a new name “hope”?
  • How to prepare for a good end of life?

The TED talks mentioned in this article:

  1. “We don’t ‘move on’ from grief. We move forward with it” by Nora McInerny
  2. “The 4 stories we tell ourselves about death” by Stephen Cave
  3. “Life that doesn’t end with death” by Kelli Swazey
  4. “We need a heroic narrative for death” by Amanda Bennett
  5. “How to find meaning after loss” by David Kessler
  6. “Prepare for a good end…